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Current Rescue Sled

The UMASAR Foundation has partnered with the Tollgate Trail Finders Snowmobile Club to raise funds for the purpose of purchasing a new rescue sled to be used for extricating injured snowmobilers in remote locations. The current sled is an old homemade contraption that is difficult to pull and does not provide much cushion for the person being transported, which could cause unnecessary pain and exacerbate injuries.

As of 10/27/2021

After looking at various options we have decided on the Rescue Bogan. The Rescue Bogan tracks well behind a snowmobile and provides level of cushioning designed to protect the patient from hard bumps. A standard Stokes style litter/backboard combination can fit inside the Rescue Bogan and there is room for an attendant to sit in the sled when travelling on level trails.

The skis can be removed from the Rescue Bogan if it is used on steep terrain.  In addition, wheels can be put on in the summer and the Rescue Bogan can be towed behind an ATV.  We plan to store the new rescue sled at Tollgate where the current sled is housed.

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Rescue Bogan in action!

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You can donate to the Rescue Bogan Fundraiser by writing a check to the UMASAR Foundation and writing "rescue sled" in the memo line. Send the check to the following address:

UMASAR Foundation
c/o Umatilla County Sheriff
4700 NW Pioneer Pl
Pendleton, OR 97801

Use Your Credit Card

You may also donate to the fundraiser by using your credit card on PayPal's secure site.  Simply use the Donate Button below.  Be sure to write "Rescue Sled" in the "write a note" section.  If you would like a letter for your tax files be sure to check the box that indicates you are providing UMASAR Foundation your mailing address.

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